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Matthew Ferrari

Personal Profile

Matthew has been coaching lacrosse in some shape or form since 2017, and is currently the boys' goalie coach for Notre Dame Preparatory School and Marist Academy in Pontiac, MI. His playing years include playtime at all positions in high school before diving headfirst as a goalie for Michigan State University club lacrosse. Without having any true training as a goalie, Matthew looked to many outside resources in order to learn the position, and he has been giving back to the goalie community by sharing his knowledge and experience by coaching goalies directly since 2020. This includes small one-on-one sessions as well as multiple years as an instructor with the 6x6 Goalie Academy camp held annually at Hope College, where Matthew continually fine tunes his goalie instruction. Outside of coaching lacrosse, Matthew is a local high school biology teacher at the International Academy in Bloomfield Hills - something that he sees as a form of coaching itself, just with a different subject area.


Experience & Certification

6 Years

Assistant HS Coach

Matthew has spent numerous years across numerous high schools in many different roles. This includes generally assisting with local high schools when he was on summer break from college, as well as being the defensive coordinator or goalie coach.

3 Years

Assistant Club Coach

To further help foster the growth of the game, Matthew has spent and plans to continue spending time with local club lacrosse teams, where he assists in planning practices and coaching at tournaments with age groups ranging from 14U through the high school varsity level.

3 Years


Understanding the rules of the game is just as important as teaching the game. While he does not have too many games underneath his belt as an official, Matthew still routinely ensures that he is up-to-date with and privy to the ins and the outs of the rulebook.

3 Years

MSU Lacrosse

While pursing his undergraduate studies, Matthew spent three years playing goalie for the Michigan State University Club Lacrosse team. Of those three years, he spent two of them as a member of the team's executive board, a position that was voted upon by the other members of the team.

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