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Andrew Ferrari

Personal Profile

Andrew has been coaching lacrosse for the better part of the last 12 years and is currently Assistant Coach/Offensive Coordinator for Notre Dame Preparatory School and Marist Academy in Pontiac, MI. From the youth level to high-school and beyond, Andrew has had the pleasure to coach hundreds of lacrosse players. As an attackman himself, his experience as a coach has been primarily focused on coaching offense and the movements and mechanics behind shooting and passing. To Andrew, every dodge, shot, and pass has the potential to change the course of a game. Understanding how every movement and input affects the result and the output means understanding how to write your own story and dictate your own success. When not coaching lacrosse, Andrew works in the software industry in post-sale support and customer success, helping customers maximize the value they get from the software they purchase. His customers range from small businesses to large, global enterprises - a level of comfort he brings to coaching smaller, newer athletes and also experienced veterans.


Certified Level 3 Coach


Experience & Certification


USA Lacrosse

Level 3 Certified Coach

Andrew has maintained a Platinum Coaches' Certification with USA Lacrosse (previously called a "Level 3" certification). He is one of fourteen individuals in the state with this Level of certification. USA Lacrosse requires coaches to attend numerous in-person, national events in order to obtain and renew their certification.

4 Years

Head Coach

Andrew has collectively spent four years as a head coach of high-school level programs. Andrew gained priceless experience in developing year-to-year growth plans for an entire program and how a program's staff and culture arguably mean more than the tactics and schemes that they choose to implement. He was a regional finalist each year, with numerous athletes ultimately deciding to play at the collegiate level.

4 Years

Offensive Coordinator

When on staff for local high schools in the SE Michigan area, Andrew held the title of Offensive Coordinator. He was tasked with assessing the efficacy of the teams as an offensive unit and making personnel decisions to maximize the teams' offensive power.

6 Years

Youth Coach

With the vision of program-level growth in mind, Andrew has committed numerous summers, winters, and autumns dedicated to the off-season development of players by coaching at the youth level. While competition is a healthy trait in sports, the more important values in lacrosse are community and healing, and Andrew has brought these priorities to teams ranging from the 10U level through the 18U level.

4 Years


Understanding the rules of the game is just as important as teaching the game. Andrew spent years officiating lacrosse games, ensuring player safety, and fostering a learning environment.

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