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Founded by brothers Andrew and Matthew Ferrari, Atom Lacrosse is dedicated to helping players of all ages and skill levels achieve their full potential on the field. Our approach is based on focusing on the small details, or 'atoms', of the game to help players improve their overall performance.


Experienced and Passionate

At Atom Lacrosse, we have a team of dedicated coaches with years of experience playing and coaching lacrosse. Our passion for the game drives us to help our players improve and achieve their goals. We're just two brothers from a larger family of educators, PhDs, and data-driven professionals. Click to learn about Andrew and Matthew.


Train Smarter, Not Harder

Our training philosophy is based on focusing on the small details of the game to help players improve their overall performance. We believe in training smarter, not harder, and our programs are designed to help players achieve their goals while minimizing the risk of injury. We start with the small movements that make up the larger actions. Master the foundations before adding on complications. Click here to see our training programs.


Everything requires observation

We believe that, like atoms and their quantum nature, your skills will also experience superposition. That is to say that we believe in the existence of a version of you where all of your best skills and talents are visible at once. We want those moments to be in games where your efforts really help your team. Each time you work with us, we are here to help put the atoms into place and teach the little things so that you can put it all together on the field. 

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